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‘2029 Planning Phase’ ends…

 ‘doing phase’ begins


In the last four years more than 3500 members of the community have engaged with the City in planning for the sustainable economic and social future of our City which included the development of a shared vision we can all work towards achieving.


The long term framework for sustainable development created through the various engagement activities is now providing all sectors including government, industry and the community with a high level of clarity and certainty about a desired future. 


The 2029 and Beyond project was about planning and has achieved fantastic results, some of which are quite significant and will be guiding decision making well beyond 2029.


Although the planning phase, and therefore the 2029 and Beyond project has come to an end, the City is beginning the exciting ‘doing phase’ which began in late 2014 with the #changesCGGcommunity Panel which implemented participatory budgeting to determine the 10 Year Capital Works Plan and the Range and Level of Services the City provides to the community.


Collaboration between the City and Council and the community in decision making will continue as new opportunities or challenges arise.  To enable even more people to engage than ever before, the City recently launched an online engagement forum Your City Your Say where everyone can share their thoughts, ideas and provide feedback on different topics in which the City seeks their input. 


We hope that you will join the conversation on the forum and help drive some interesting debate.


If you have any questions please contact Janell Kopplhuber Coordinator of Community Engagement










































































































































Your ideas

Our community is jointly creating a sustainable future for "2029 and beyond" overseen by the Alliance Governance Group and its chair, Mayor, Cr Ian Carpenter.

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One Million Trees

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The Community Charter

The 2029 and Beyond Project was initiated in 2010 for the community to collectively envision what they would like the City of Greater Geraldton and region to be like in 2029 and take steps towards achieving the vision.

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